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We are an innovative medical tourism company offering treatments by highly acclaimed medical professionals in the most cost-effective, advanced technology-based and safe manner.

Connect To Leading Hospitals

We will connect you with more than 125 specially selected hospitals of global repute and over 25 different specialty doctors who are part of our in-house panel.

Simple, Hassle-Free Processes

A personal Manaaki relationship manager for you, supporting you throughout the treatment, post-operative care and planning – we take care of it in a transparent and unbiased way.Manaaki means to cherish, conserve, and sustain, incapsulating the ethos of looking after and caring for humanity and nature. Imbibing this centuries old tradition, we at Manaaki Healthcare have made it our responsibility and purpose to look after your wellbeing through our ethical and transparent practices.   We’re on a mission to make travel for medical needs transparent, simple and ethical.

We tackle the Hard Stuff so that you can get hassle-free treatment in a transparent and cost-effective manner

Cancer Care

Ear, Nose, & Throat



Stem Cell Therapy

Organ Transplant



“अतिथि देवो भवः” which means It “Respect guests like gods” is an integral part of the Indian culture.

Completely globally integrated India ranks #1 worldwide for its excellence in providing praiseworthy medical treatment.

Did you know? Heathcare in India is the cheapest and best in the entire world!

Besides this, the country has also become one of the leading destinations for high-end diagnostic services. Health tourism is gaining momentum and is one of the fastest growing segments in marketing ‘Destination India’. India has become a haven for medical tourists as it provides cost effective high quality treatment and overhead costs like travelling, lodging, sightseeing, food and shopping are very affordable in India. India also boast of excellent internal connectivity through all mediums namely- Roadways, Railways, Airways. There is huge diversity in the weather of the country enabling it to be suitable for most nationalities from across the globe.

The country also offers world class 4G connectivity along with the cheapest mobile data rates in the world helping you remain connected with the dear ones back home.Quality of care in India attracts people across countries to visit here for their treatments. Above all, we are well- known for the quality services within the affordable costs. Our quality comes at affordable pricing which is a biggest advantage. This combination of quality and cost advantage is still the best and unique for India. There are many other benefits for foreigners.The processing and waiting time for treatments in India is less than in other countries. After the medical appointments and completion of formalities, your final documents are passed on to the hospital. They give further clearances and final treatment date and time. Usually, the waiting time in other countries for treatments are 2-3 months but in India, it doesn’t take this long to process a critical treatment.The newly introduced “M” Visa category in India has made the visa facility for Medical Tour much easier. As, the Indian Medical Visas are provided in a very short period and without many formalities. The Government of India has initiated this Medical tour visa program to ensure that Indian medical facilities are used across the world.

India’s diverse cultural practices have the potential to welcome all the foreigners to the country without creating communication problems. Moreover, English is universally used by medical professionals which makes the communication easy. Still, if a patient needs a translator they can inform the respective hospital in advance to make that happen while treatment time phrase.


Your queries about India healthcare tourism are submitted to our support team then our relationship managers and they connect with you for further consultation required.


Our team connects with the patient via a free video consultation session, where you can get to know all about the process, facilities, and medical options available at Manaaki.


You will receive a complete medical tour packages quote within 48 hours after your consultation session. It offers a few hospitals preferences with a detailed costing.


Once you choose a treatment and hospital, Manaaki’s travel team assists you with all travel requirements to India, hospitalization and through treatment.


We also help you to fly back home after treatment, and provide after discharge care through telemedicine and teleconsultation by able doctors and our staffer.

Mumbai – India

C-1402, RNA Continental
Chembur (East),
Mumbai – Maharashtra
Phone: +91 (0) 976 980 6899

Nairobi – Kenya

View Park Towers, 1st Floor
Suit 254, West Wing, PO Box 1006-00618
Nairobi – Kenya
Phone: +254 (0) 785 181 241

Delhi – India

C-115, Anand Vihar
New Delhi – India
Phone: +91 (0) 976 980 6899

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

Bole Near Medhanialem Church,
Seket Building, 4th Floor
Addis Ababa – Ethiopia
Phone: +(251)-936-699-999

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