Why Choose us?

At Manaaki, we equip our patients with the best medical tourism services in India. We aim to work for all your medical tour services to give you a stress-free treatment in India. Manaaki is one of the well-informed and transparent medical tourism companies in India providing world-class medical treatments across India. From managing your cost-effective transports to the smooth processing of treatment, Manaaki take it all into our responsible hands. We help you to connect with over 150 outstanding hospitals which offers quality treatments within your customized budget. By giving personalized consultancy on the treatment, our in house panel help the patients with all the doubts. We serve what you need and how you want.

Quality Treatment

Manaaki offers a variety of treatments with the highly celebrated hospitals known for their exceptional medical services, facilities, and doctors. We aim to give you a top-class medical treatment with the highest of quality and advanced treatments amenities in India.

Transparent Services

The policy of transparency and authenticity is the core value that we never overlook in providing medical tourism services in India. We transmit this policy by offering the patients budgetary medical services with no hidden costs throughout your medical tour.

We Serve Unbiased

We do not believe in any kind of discrimination’s based on any aspect in the account of the patients’ intake. Manaaki recommends renowned hospitals in accordance with a patient’s medical conditions and treatment required.

Convenience at the Core

Manaaki is a medical platform that offers the luxury of comfort, quality, and cost all in a single medical tour package. We give you the freedom to choose for what suits you the best under your budget, treatment, and preference.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

Indian diversity brings variety of languages which also includes English. It is one of the official languages and is widely used across Nation. The use of English makes the foreigners’ communication with our medical teams easier.