Stem cell transplant info and health tips


Why stem cells are so important?

Stem cells make red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. We need all of these types of blood cells to keep us alive. For these blood cells to do their jobs, you need to have enough of each of them in your blood.

Where stem cells for transplants come from?

Depending on the type of transplant that’s being done, there are 3 possible sources of stem cells to use for transplants:

  • Bone marrow (from you or someone else)
  • The bloodstream (peripheral blood – from you or someone else)
  • Umbilical cord blood from newborns

How a stem cell transplant works to treat cancer?

  • Stem cell transplants are used to replace bone marrow cells that have been destroyed by cancer or destroyed by the chemo and/or radiationused to treat the cancer.

Deciding to have a stem cell transplant

Your cancer care team will compare the risks linked with the cancer itself to the risks of the transplant. The stage of the cancer, patient’s age, time from diagnosis to transplant, donor type, and the patient’s overall health are all part of weighing the pros and cons before making this decision.

Cost of transplant

Stem cell transplants cost a lot, and some types cost more than others. For example, getting a donor’s cells costs more than collecting your own cells. And, different drug and radiation treatments used to destroy bone marrow can have high costs. Some transplants require more time in the hospital than others, and this can affect cost.