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Chembur - 400071, Mumbai
Kenya, Ethiopia
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    HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

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    About Shri H.N.Reliance Foundation Hospital

    From its physical design to its daily functioning, Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre is ``Patient and Family Centric``. All the rooms in this multi-Speciality tertiary care hospital have direct sunlight – a very important aspect of patient care, and in keeping with our directive: Respect for Life.

    Hospital Highlights

    1. State-of-the-Art Planning, Design, Architecture and Infrastructure

    This hospital conforms to AIA design standards, ASHARE for HVAC, NFPA for Medical Gases, the American Disability Act, AERB for Radiation & Nuclear Medicine, and the Drug Controller of India for the Blood Bank.

    2. Cutting-Edge Technology, Equipment, and Resources

    The OT Complex is truly ‘modular’, built to manage infection, increase productivity, and adapt to future technology changes. Emergency Medical Services examines and treats patients all in one place. Imaging modalities reduce radiation doses. The CT scan is Asia’s first, and the world’s fifth. India’s first Pneumatic Tube system transports medicines and materials, while separate, parallel lines carry Bio-Medical Wastes.

    3. High-Quality Care with No Differentiation in Service

    Clinical care across the hospital is standardised, and transcends socio-economic status. We are Mumbai’s first hospital to offer self-contained rooms (toilets, showers, rest areas for relatives) to indigent and subsidised patients.

    4. Scalable, Multi-Use In-Patient and Isolation Rooms

    The In-Patient rooms are designed with the capability to convert to a single-room step-down ICU. Dedicated Isolation Rooms have been planned across in-patient floors to accommodate patients with special requirements.

    5. Fully-Digitised, Instant Access to Patient Medical Records

    The seamless integration of all our radiology equipment, HIS (Hospital Information Systems) and the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) ensures real-time transfer of data and reports across hospital systems.

    6. National and International Green Building Conformance

    We harvest rainwater, re-use water for flushing after STP treatment, generate hot water from waste heat and use energy-saving devices. We are the first hospital to introduce mega AHUs. Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital is the largest LEED Gold rated Green Hospital in Mumbai.


    Our Specialties

    Being a super-specialty healthcare provider, we have specialist doctors in Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, Transplant Program (bone marrow, kidney, cardiac, and liver), Oncology, Dental, Bariatric Surgery (weight loss surgery), Urology, Gastroenterology, IVF, Stem Cell Therapy, and Renal Sciences.

    Shri H.N.Reliance Foundation Hospital

    Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Prarthana Samaj

    Girgaon, Mumbai – 400 004 – India

    International Patients

    The Hospital has a Medical Mall with progressive diagnostic services, including Laboratories, Radiology & Imaging, and Nuclear Medicine.

    This is a technologically-advanced institution designed to international standards and the most stringent criteria in infrastructure, medical care, fire-safety norms, and environmental guidelines. This is because every element that comprises The Hospital’s making, from the premises, to the processes, to its professionals, contributes to the overriding principle: Respect for Life.

    Shri H.N.Reliance Foundation Hospital offer following services to international patients :

    • Assistance with finding a doctor.
    • Remote consultations
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Cost estimates
    • Payment options
    • End-to-end assistance during stay
    • Visa and Travel Assistance
    • Special dietary/religious needs

    Apart from the above, we also offer assistance with hotel bookings, airport transfers, interpreter services, updating folks at home, and local sightseeing