The best way to start finding a doctor is by submitting an inquiry. After reviewing your inquiry, you will be assigned a patient-relationship manager. Then they call for consultation of hospitals and doctors. Finally, get back to you with the treatment quotation which has treatment costs, and all other required user information.Yes, everything will be taken care of by us because all the hospitals we are associated with are of world-class quality accredited with JCI and NABH.At first, you can email your latest medical reports to us or you can share the case summary on the Email ID provided on our website. After reviewing your reports, we will discuss the situation with doctors and we will propose the entire treatment plan along with cost details.Yes. We will arrange a video call/phone call with your selected doctor in India. If you require, we will also make arrangements to connect your consultant, local doctor, with the Indian specialist doctor for consultation purpose. Hence, all these conversations will help you to plan for better treatment.All travel requirements to enter India will be looked after by us. You should have a valid visa which you can acquire from the Indian embassy present in your residence country. You provide a letter stating the reason from the concerned doctor or from the hospital is necessary to get an Indian medical visa.If you are having health insurance which is valid in India as well, you can inform the hospital regarding the insurance. In case the insurance is not accepted then the hospital may demand to get an advance payment for the guarantee.Hospitals would provide assistance in this aspect. Once you decide  a hospital, an invitation letter from the respective hospital will be required for visa processing. The hospital will send this to you after consultation. This quotation has to be presented at the ‘Embassy’ or ‘High Commission of India’ in your country.Attendants/family members of patients coming to India for medical tourism services will have to apply for a Medical Attendant visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the patient. A letter from the hospital will be useful here as well.

English is widely spoken across India. But if you do not understand English and require a translator or interpreter service it will be arranged on request. Some hospitals in India are operating with in-house translators to facilitate foreign visitors.

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Manaaki provides first-class medical tourism services helping people across countries to get treated at the best cost and finest of quality.

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Manaaki consists of a very cooperative and experienced in-house doctor’s team who care for patients with utmost attention and affection.

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