C-1402, RNA Continental,
Chembur - 400071, Mumbai
Kenya, Ethiopia
+ (123) 1800-453-1546

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    About Manaaki

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    Finest Patient
    Care & Amenities

    Patient care & Amenities

    Acclaimed & accredited hospitals

    Doctors with specializations

    High standard medical services

    Transparent medical services

    Affordable treatments

    A hassle-free medical process

    Complete travel assistance

    Manaaki is providing first-class medical tourism helping people across countries to get treated at the best cost and finest of quality.

    We help you in overcoming the cultural barriers which might affect your medical tour. We assist you in local travels, languages, food, etc.

    We encourage a close-ended relationship to enhance the communication between the empaneled doctors and patients.

    Manaaki consists of a very cooperative and experienced in-house doctor’s team who care for the patients with at most attention and protection.

    Manaaki has the benefit of customized treatment plans as per the medical tourism in India requirements and budgets of the patients.

    Our medical tour services are exceptionally fruitful and worth your efforts and money. Manaaki promises the best of medical amenities for all kinds of treatments and therapies.